On accurately measuring fps

If you look for a quick solution, I have bad news: It’s not possible. Not even close. Well, in the browser at least. For many subsequent years, smart web developers have tried and failed to produce accurate ways to measure something that comes close to displayed frames per second on websites. Something that’d been so […]

On creating great products

People who know me are aware that I have been, and still am a long time supporter of the open web stack, and I have talked a dozen times about how HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is the only way to produce apps, sites and games that run cross-platform, accessible to the widest audience possible. Now […]

Scroller vs. Scrollability deathmatch!

I recently had an interesting Twitter exchange with Joe Hewitt on our (as in Zynga) newly released Scroller that is somewhat in direct competition with his excellent Scrollability plugin. Both share at least one similar ambition: To give us native-feel iOS panning wherever we want it. Joe even recently blogged about how to do fast […]

Music in games

It is a little known secret outside the game industry that there’s a very good reason why you won’t hear popular music in most popular games. It’s not that game developers don’t want you to listen to great soundtracks – it’s the horrible situation with licensing. But why is that? License holders such as the […]

Sprite Animations on CSS Transitions, revisited

…and I’m back! Not content with the hacky previous solution of animating spritesheets in CSS and with the help of the fabulous Doug Neiner, I created four individual ways to animate sprites via CSS3 Animations, which each of them having their own advantages. There goes the list: background, stepped This is by far the cleanest […]

Finally: Sprite animations implemented via CSS3 Animations

Update: A way more awesome update with more techniques: Click me! Warning: This is hackier and more dirty than anything I have published in recent years, and only works in WebKit. Use with extreme caution. I’m lazy, show me the end result first! CSS Animations are great – they are a lot less pain for […]

Why you should stop using dialogs

I posted a tweet about why I think you should not use dialogs, and it seems people are still pretty skeptical, so I felt the urge to elaborate a bit. So why do I dislike dialogs that much? After all, I have written countless JavaScript implementations of dialogs and overlays in the past, and we […]

Why Canvas is not an obvious choice for web games

I initially wrote this post for our corporate Dextrose blog at http://blog.dextrose.com but due to its technical nature, I republished it over here in order to get a bit more attention. Enjoy! There has been quite some controversy about the decision to use plain old HTML to render a scene with the Aves Engine versus […]