Jasy, the ultimate web tool

A cherry tree.

This article was also posted on http://code.zynga.com. Head over to read more about our technical marvels! Never heard about Jasy? Worry not – you are not the only one. Jasy is a web tooling framework (read: fancy JS build system). If Grunt is a cherry, Jasy is a wonderful cherry tree. In fact, Jasy is […]

NerdyConcerts.com, or: When it doesn’t exist, create it


I am really not sure how I got this done, but hey, here it is: Today, I am announcing the launch of my latest web project NerdyConcerts.com. If you’d like to read about web development, stop here. If you’re up for something completely unrelated, continue reading! Why nerdy concerts? As it turns out, I am […]

Gadget zombies


I love my cellphones and tablets. I thoroughly enjoy my Mac Mini, serving as a home entertainment server. I take my Kindle with me every time I’m travelling. I am definitely a gadget and technology enthusiast. I don’t have other eccentric costly hobbies – my spendings all go into technology. But recently, I have come […]

Painting the DOM to Canvas with Domvas

I’m happy to announce a new pet project of mine: Domvas. Domvas implements the missing piece that connects the DOM and Canvas. It gives to the ability to take arbitrary DOM content and paint it to a Canvas of your choice. That dialog that is a pain to layout in Canvas but needs to be […]

Getting productive with Sublime Text 2

I’ve been supercharging my development workflow in the last couple of days, and quite a few of you have asked me on Twitter to write a summary on my choices. Most of it centers around the excellent Sublime Text 2 text editor. Sublime is highly extensible through a Python-based plugin API, and by itself is […]

The journey of journeys – Project “Epic Journey”

There are many approaches to connect people with games, and my own employer Zynga is an expert with many, often very successfully. The following concept is different. Radically different. I want to build a game that is social to the core. A game that is so social it creates friendships, strengthens them, and make people […]

propertychange on Internet Explorer 9

Update #1: It just came to my attention that CSS3 Pie does in fact continue to work in IE9. I quickly skimmed through the source code but couldn’t find out why their code would still function. If any CSS3 PIE reads this, please get in touch! Maybe not all hope is lost, after all. Nope. […]

Simple URL parameters in JS

Nowadays when most of you do the heavy lifting in JS, chances are you want to lookup URL parameters. I definitely need it often, and I have a little snippet that converts params in your URL to a nice JS object. Here it goes: // this object gets filled with params var params = {}; […]