Zynga ⇾ Google, SFO ⇾ MUC

Today is my last day at Zynga. It’s been quite a ride! It all started by being acquihired to create the world’s first HTML5 game engine. I’m thankful for all the interesting relationships and opportunities. In the three years I’ve been with Zynga, I had a lot of hats on: I was a central technology […]

Moving to San Francisco


Some of you might heard about it already (especially the one’s connected on Facebook), but I didn’t want to make it public before it’s 100% official. Today we finally received our visa, after a months-long struggle that made us gipsies for almost two months (personal advice: Never quit your apartment contract before receiving the final […]

Is Android good yet?


Edit (Feb 26th 2013): Vilmos Ioo highlighted on a Twitter comment that defaults are a bad thing. I agree. This is why I reworded some of the language about Chrome below. My intent is to get everbody off the Android stock browser, not everybody exclusively onto Chrome. Nope. That is, at the very least, what […]

NerdyConcerts.com, or: When it doesn’t exist, create it


I am really not sure how I got this done, but hey, here it is: Today, I am announcing the launch of my latest web project NerdyConcerts.com. If you’d like to read about web development, stop here. If you’re up for something completely unrelated, continue reading! Why nerdy concerts? As it turns out, I am […]

Gadget zombies


I love my cellphones and tablets. I thoroughly enjoy my Mac Mini, serving as a home entertainment server. I take my Kindle with me every time I’m travelling. I am definitely a gadget and technology enthusiast. I don’t have other eccentric costly hobbies – my spendings all go into technology. But recently, I have come […]

Site updates

I finally found the time to refresh many little things concerning this blog, making the overall experience much better. I got away from the almost too minimalistic theme, while still keeping the nice graphics of myself presenting at both sides. WordPress now runs from SVN (so, 2.8 bleeding edge now, and yeah, it uses jQuery […]

Possible jQuery (UI) promotion tour in Japan

After the great success of my trip to Tokyo in May (thanks to my friend Yusuke!), I have been thinking a lot of how to better promote jQuery and jQuery UI over there. Usually, american products have a hard time in Japan because of the language barrier, and the easiest way to overcome this is […]

Sharing my thoughts in multiple languages

I’ve recently upgraded my blog and tweaked it a bit, and decided to try out a plugin called Gengo, which enables multilanguage blogging. It works like this: If you go to paulbakaus.com, the plugin will detect your locale and tries to fetch the blog post you want to read in your default language. If it […]