Getting productive with Sublime Text 2

I’ve been supercharging my development workflow in the last couple of days, and quite a few of you have asked me on Twitter to write a summary on my choices. Most of it centers around the excellent Sublime Text 2 text editor. Sublime is highly extensible through a Python-based plugin API, and by itself is […]

Simple URL parameters in JS

Nowadays when most of you do the heavy lifting in JS, chances are you want to lookup URL parameters. I definitely need it often, and I have a little snippet that converts params in your URL to a nice JS object. Here it goes: // this object gets filled with params var params = {}; […]

HTML5 D&D: dataTransfer data has to be set to allow drop

This is a quick tip for those that are still bold (or stupid) enough to try the incredibly messy HTML5 Drag & Drop spec. If you’re dragging div’s around and made them draggable (draggable=true) but wonder why the “dragover” event never fires on the target on Chrome: You have to set data on the transfer. […]