Underestimated UI techniques: Morphing

When I design new applications, I realized I use a couple patterns that I haven’t seen in much use elsewhere, so I’ll start to blog about them. The first pattern in this series is called morphing. What is morphing? Morphing essentially describes a state change on an element, transforming it into another. Many UI frameworks […]

The technique behind the jQuery UI demos

I’ve decided to start blogging more about the actual things I’m working on everyday, and in this series, I want to first talk about the updated and improved demos of jQuery UI. The first important thing to understand is that the demos that come with the development package, and that you can browse from the […]

Coverflow, anyone?

The inspiration So I was looking at all the nice things the WebKit folks did, and one particular feature really got his way into my thoughts, and I was playing with possible usecases for weeks.. I’m talking about the CSS transforms. This handy nifty new css feature allows you to do all kinds of 2d […]

Back in Tokyo

I finally combined two interests of mine into one: My love for Japan and my day job. From May 14th to May 20th, I will be in Tokyo participating and speaking on two great conferences. The first conference is a great international hacker conference featuring both Perl and JavaScript sessions – its name is YAPC […]