After the great success of my trip to Tokyo in May (thanks to my friend Yusuke!), I have been thinking a lot of how to better promote jQuery and jQuery UI over there. Usually, american products have a hard time in Japan because of the language barrier, and the easiest way to overcome this is to simply be in Japan!

So here’s my idea: To every japanese company interested, I will give free workshops about jQuery and jQuery UI to employees/staff. In exchange, they will cover a small part of my travel budget.


  • If you live and work in Japan
  • And your company uses jQuery/jQuery UI or wants to use it
  • write me an email (

and we’ll discuss everything. I’m really excited about this idea, and it would be awesome if it works out. The same might happen in Brasil soon for another jQuery UI developer, which brang me the idea again.

Mata ne!

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