In one of my productivity articles I wrote about how music can help you gain and maintain productivity. Today, I’ll tell you about a special method how to find the right tunes.

First of all, forget about the crap clear your mind about what you know and learned about productivity music or sounds. Things like “listen to nature’s tunes” and the likes. This might be a good, but too general advice. Also don’t think about music that helps you relax or focus. What you essentially are looking for is music that let’s you *perform* well.

So how to find what you need? Listening to a thousand songs while working and then trying to guess what worked best usually doesn’t work: Simply because your job is probably too complex and not repetitive enough to give you a clear idea of which 3 minute song actually worked best.

All hope is not lost though – the answer is simple. Find something that you deeply want to achieve or perform well on, but is simple and repetitive enough to actually feel and catch the results immediately. Tetris, anyone?


Yes, I’m talking about videogames. The sort that is highly addictive and entertaining and lets you run after a certain achievement for hours. The most famous candidate here is Tetris – if you’re looking for something “fresher” on the iPhone, try Doodlejump! My personal choice features a jumping character with only one target: Jumping higher and higher.

With the aid of Doodlejump, my iPhone and my portable music library, I immediately see results when I’m listening to a song that works. Yes, it’s dead simple. Yes, grab your phone and try now! Enjoy!

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