The jQuery Foundation

Today, I’m incredibly proud and happy to read about the launch of the new jQuery Foundation, and rather than doing a quick tweet, thought I’d write down a couple words to congratulate all members of the jQuery team, and all jQuery users.

I was one of the original six signers of the documents when we joined (guy signing the paper is me) the Software Freedom Conservancy as a project on September 11th, 2009. Back then, the jQuery organization was still a toddler, and we were in real need for legal and administrative support to be able to concentrate what matters most to the jQuery team – jQuery, its sub projects and its users.

I’ve been out of the main loop for some time now, but reading about the new foundation gave me a smile today. jQuery as a project has matured to the point where they can pull this off and succeed, and there’s few open source projects out there who can. The secret sauce to success is an extremely passionate, strong team of developers that make up the jQuery Core team.

It’s been a hell of a (fun) ride when I’m looking back at my personal relationship with jQuery. When John and the community in 2007 asked me to start jQuery UI, I didn’t know what was in front of me. It’s been an amazing time that taught me many things about software development and working with others. Working on the jQuery UI Team helped many to get their next jobs, including myself, and most importantly, I have made many great friendships during my time at the jQuery project.

Keep on rocking, jQuery!

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