Gadget zombies

I love my cellphones and tablets. I thoroughly enjoy my Mac Mini, serving as a home entertainment server. I take my Kindle with me every time I’m travelling. I am definitely a gadget and technology enthusiast. I don’t have other eccentric costly hobbies – my spendings all go into technology.

But recently, I have come to the realization that all the touch and remotely controlled devices I own focus on consumption, rather than creation. Like television, they make me go from an active state of mind to a passive one. This is a problem.

The advance in technology that led to portable computers and very capable PC workstations led to the internet, amongst many other great collaborative successes. Designed from the ground up to solve problems and help humans accomplish more in their daily lives and jobs, PCs made us significantly more productive over the course of the last two or three decades.

Today, most media wants us to believe that the PC is dead. But really, the PC is all that is left in this whole messy situation (and maybe Wacom, for the artists under us). Microsoft tried to market their Surface as device focussing on creation but it is still a heavily compromised experience. What I wanted is the Journal (RIP), and what they gave us was another tablet with a semi-useful thin keyboard cover. My excitement for the Journal was easily surpassing my excitement for the iPhone in 2007. It was the perfect companion device. It was meant to be built.

In 500 years from now, history books might write about the touch-controlled gadget revolution as the biggest cause to interfere with the great acceleration to technological singularity. We can’t let this happen. Stay active, and keep using your PC. Do not become a Gadget Zombie!


(featured image by SaPov)

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