is your one-stop source for all video game, anime, cartoon and movie related concerts.
I am really not sure how I got this done, but hey, here it is: Today, I am announcing the launch of my latest web project

If you’d like to read about web development, stop here. If you’re up for something completely unrelated, continue reading!

Why nerdy concerts? As it turns out, I am a great fan of orchestrated video game music concerts, anime, traditional animation and film-related concerts. I love the clash and beautiful combination of pop culture and modern music with traditional instruments. I am *really* into it. My wife and I flew from Frankfurt to Chicago last year for a concert.

Now you might very well ask, why is Paul Bakaus wasting his time on setting up a random website? Very easy: I got sick of missing concerts again and again because there wasn’t any website to go to that would aggregate every concert I liked. So I had to build it myself.

And some of you might know that this was also how the Aves Engine and jQuery UI started. When I created the Aves Engine, I did so because there wasn’t any other game engine I could have used to achieve my vision of an interconnected graphical social community. When I created jQuery UI, there was no other capable UI framework on top of jQuery UI.

Now if you are into video games, music and/or orchestras, go check out!

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