Is Android good yet?

Edit (Feb 26th 2013): Vilmos Ioo highlighted on a Twitter comment that defaults are a bad thing. I agree. This is why I reworded some of the language about Chrome below. My intent is to get everbody off the Android stock browser, not everybody exclusively onto Chrome.

Nope. That is, at the very least, what my first single serving site says:

Obviously, this is only my personal opinion (and explicitly not the one of my employer). And by Android, I’m not referring to the software alone, but Android at large – the software, the vendors, the ecosystem. And I’m not trying to be a troll, nor being pessimistic.

In fact, I love my Nexus 7. It’s an amazingly well executed device, and the UI feels very buttery – just like Project Butter, a huge engineering effort to make the UI smoother in Jelly Bean, promised it would be. I think Google is starting do do everything right with their latest moves. But they are late, and caused much harm until now.

Former versions of Android come with a extremely bad stock browser, no are ineffective hardware acceleration of it and the general OS, and driver/implementation differences with ever vendor. The only reason consumers (not developers!) bought Android phones running pre-Jelly Bean software was the price tag. I bashed Android since the beginning (after all, you couldn’t take an OS seriously that didn’t support animated gifs for the first couple years..), and I wanted to like it. I really did.

So when is Android good?

Simple: As soon as more than two thirds of Android users are on Jelly Bean and above and use Chrome as their default browser as soon as more than two thirds are using a browser other than Android’s extremely crappy stock browser. That is when Android will be good, and I will be happy, and you will be too. If you’re a developer, you will cry tears of joy.

Make it happen!

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