Today is my last day at Zynga. It’s been quite a ride! It all started by being acquihired to create the world’s first HTML5 game engine. I’m thankful for all the interesting relationships and opportunities. In the three years I’ve been with Zynga, I had a lot of hats on: I was a central technology CTO, a game studio CTO, Zynga’s Open web spokesperson, Open source lead, W3C rep and maintainer of tech partnerships. And even though the company has had a few hiccups in the past few months, I’m now more confident than ever that there is a future for beautiful HTML5 games at Zynga, and I know we’ll here more about it soon.

Even though I’m leaving, my mission has not changed – I still want to make the web a better place for games, and I realized, for all kinds of beautiful experiences. It’s now time for me to push from another angle. Starting next week, I’m going to be joining Chrome team, helping all of you create the most stunning web apps as a Developer Advocate. I feel with Android fragmentation becoming less and less of an issue and the rapid pace of development for Chrome, I’m joining at the exact right time.

In even more personal news, this also means a departure from San Francisco and the US – I will be joining the awesome Google team in Munich, Germany. I love to be back, and want to bring the Silicon Valley spirit back to my home country. There is no good reason Germany is not producing the biggest and greatest of internet companies, and long term, I’d like to help our country get back on track. It’s a completely fresh start – as far as I know my wife and I don’t happen to have any friends or family in Munich, so if you live close by, hit me up for a beer!

Even if I don’t exactly have a fully laid out plan yet what to focus on, I couldn’t be more excited about this new role and my new team. Expect to hear from me soon again!


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