You know that system where children are forced to exit at a different subway station than adults? You don’t? Well, let me explain it to you.

More and more cities are testing a subway system where adults can normally exit on every station, but children are required to use a different door that only opens at a dedicated children-safe and friendly station. This “catch-all” solution is easier to implement than making all stations kid friendly. After all, kids don’t really know where they’re going anyway, they’re just boarding the subway to experience the ride, so it’s fine to throw them out at the last station.

Wait – what?

Ooooh. Sorry, I’ve been sneaking in a few analogies into above’s sadly accurate description. Replace children with smartphones, adults with desktop computers, and cities with companies.

When Lufthansa* sent me a promotion email on my phone and I tapped on the link, shouldn’t I be thankful that Lufthansa forwarded me to their mobile homepage instead of showing me the desktop-optimized promo page? Wait, I shouldn’t? You’re telling me that sounds like a total crap idea? That you’d rather like to zoom in and see the relevant page than go to a completely irrelevant one? Mhh yes, you make a point. But wouldn’t that be expensive, like, fixing all the stations, as in the analogy above?

Actually, no. Forwarding from a frickin’ desktop link to a frickin’ mobile link is not expensive, and not even difficult. If you have no mobile page to forward to, the problem will fix itself over time. Not in your then-bankrupt-because-of-ignoring-mobile company’s favor of course.

* not trying to pick on Lufthansa alone. This is a wide issue with thousands of providers.

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