Sometimes I jokingly introduce myself as “the guy from the AMP videos”, as lately the public largely knows me, and by extension my team at Google, in the AMP context. But there’s actually much more happening in our small-but-mighty Content Ecosystem team at Google: We’ve made it our mission to ensure the web is the best place to create, consume and discover content.

As part of this larger initiative, my own team focuses on the “create” and “consume” aspects of the above mission: We are the Content Experience team. To be sure, even our “sub”-mission is massively out of scope for a dozen web aficionados like us, we’re just doing everything we can with the humanpower we have available, splitting our work into two initiatives:

  1. Drive content consumption by running AMP’s developer relations, which means running, the developer docs, events like the AMP Roadshow and AMP Conf, and a variety of build and productivity tools, and being the bridge between developer community and teams working on AMP at Google.
  2. Drive content creation by running Google’s CMS Developer Relations, ensuring that the CMS’s of the world (starting with WordPress) are setting you up for success in terms of performance, user experience, productivity, discoverability and monetization.

Over the last few months, our scope as team has dramatically increased as we’ve grown from a traditional DevRel team to building our own products and projects, with projects like, AMP Optimizer, Site Kit for WordPress, AMP for WordPress, AMP Stories for WordPress, AMP Start, and many more. So it’s time for us to grow our team in the following areas:

If you’re passionate about the health of the web’s content ecosystem and care about moving the web forward, I’d love to hear from you.  Apply directly through the instructions in the linked docs, or get in touch on Twitter or via email at pbakaus at google.

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