TL;DR: If you’re a prolific content creator on the web (and in the US), and if you want to help others achieve the same, there’s a new unique part-time job opportunity for you.

Web Creators..who?

If you’ve been following my work, you might have noticed that I’ve taken all my collected skills and knowledge around Developer Relations and have started to apply it to another important audience that was historically underserved by Google: Web Creators (yes, that means bloggers, journalists, editorial staff, content marketers etc!).

My team and I have created the Google Web Creators initiative just a few weeks ago, resulting so far in a blog, a Twitter and Instagram account and a YouTube channel.

So, what is a Web Creator, and what is the whole point? Start here:


Our mission is to do what we’ve done for Developers for over a decade now: Help content creators on the web achieve success via outreach, support and tools that inspire, educate and inform.

We’re doing this because we firmly believe in open access to information, and believe that the web needs to be the primary place for content creators to share their content. The web is the only global, open content platform we have, and the only platform where creators truly own their destiny: audience, monetization and content.

Join the editorial team that helps creators achieve success on the web

In order to do this well, we need the help of actual professional content creators, regularly contributing to the Google Web Creators channels. So we’ve partnered with ASG who created a unique new job opportunity, for you to:

  • Generate educational/inspirational content regularly for the Google Web Creators channels (blog posts, guides, tutorials, videos, social)
  • Interact with & build an online content creator community, understanding their needs and conveying feedback internally
  • Actively advocate for best practices and give strategic guidance to partners and customers
  • Work with us to try out new formats, tools, etc. to offer feedback on our product roadmaps from a creator view point
  • Try new content formats like Web Stories and storytelling techniques on your personal channels (with full editorial freedom, not sponsored posts)
The types of inspirational videos you’ll help create

What’s unique about this role is that we’ve carefully crafted it so you can keep your own personal brand / company / website, and split your time between both. This is a unique setup, one that I think will result in much more qualitative work due to you actually living the life of a creator.

So if this resonates with you, and you know somebody, or you yourself are a prolific content creator with an established presence on the web, based in the US, and are interested in a side hustle directly related to being a creator, share the job offer or apply now.

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