I have some pretty big news. I, and thus, Google is hiring its first ever Creator Advocate.

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking “but wait, doesn’t Google already have plenty over at YouTube?” and indeed, YouTube has a set of amazing teams supporting creators on their platform. But I’m talking Google, not YouTube: And what is the platform that Google uses for most of its products & services? Yes, naturally, the web.

Like Developer Relations, but with a different audience: Creators

This Creator Advocate will do what Developer Advocates do for developers: They’ll work with, and for the web creator & blogger community and help them level up their content output, develop interesting new ways of telling stories, and make them more successful. Importantly, they’ll also help bring non-web creators to the web, giving them an additional channel that comes with perks they don’t get elsewhere (control over monetization, audience acquisition & retention, content ownership, more creative freedom).

Education all the way

So, what will the Creator Advocate do on a day-to-day basis? For example, research, write, and star in a video like this one:

One of the episodes of the educational Storytime series.

Or create web stories like this one. Or write blog posts like this one. Or write a myriad of guides for a variety of outlets on the web. Or speak at creator conferences about the importance of owning a website. Or inspire the blogger community with super fresh new ways of formatting blog posts and adding interactivity to them. The possibilities are endless.

This is not a sales job

While this is obvious to me, it isn’t always obvious to everyone outside of Google: Google’s products, and specifically its search engine, depend on a rich, flourishing, high quality web content corpus. And sure, some of it comes from big-name publishers, but a very large part comes from individual creators.

Why is this point so important? Well, it’s important because Creator Advocates are not salespeople. Their job is not to sell a particular Google product. Sure, we might recommend solutions that we genuinely think will help web creators, but to spin it in another way: If we convince somebody to establish an new blog with amazing content, and they don’t use a single Google service or product to build it, we still win. The creator wins, the web wins, Google wins.

For bloggers, by bloggers

One of the reasons Developer Advocates are successful is because oftentimes, they’re not just talking heads: Most have been developers for years, naturally building trust with their peers and coaching them, before going into a full time advocacy role. I’d say I’m a decent Developer Advocate for that reason, but I would never assume to understand all the struggles, and have solutions, for the one-person-show blogging community.

For that reason, the ideal person for this job of Creator Advocate will live and breathe content on the web, either by having many years of blogging experience, or by writing for plenty of publications. They’re deeply interested and immersed in the creator economy and understand where the web’s shortcomings and upsides are when seen as a content platform. They are not camera shy and have used many different formats of content creation. They won’t break a sweat when I throw a task like “research, write, produce & record 10 episodes about content strategy & insights for bloggers” at them.

Lets do this

I’m super curious to see who knocks on our door. I realize the catch-22 here – if you’re a successful content creator on the web, why give that up and get a corporate job? But I believe there must be that ideal candidate out there that likes the idea of using Google’s resources and reach to help every blogger on the web do their best. And if you want to contribute but can’t commit to a full time role, we have a (paid) program for that too.

If this excites you, and if you’re based in the US (plus, ideally near NYC/SF) apply on Google Careers. And if you’re creating content on the web and want to come with us on this journey, follow us on our blog, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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  1. swyx said
    : hot damn this is amazing!!! if i didnt have a tech job id be all over this. an incredible platform to help millions of creators 🤯