Real-world APIs

My friend Nicolas is defending localStorage in his blog, and I want to show my full support. In particular, this following sentence caught my eye and should make you curious: [It] absolutely stinks of browser developers creating an API that’s easy to implement rather than creating an API that’s easy to consume. This is the […]

The jQuery Foundation

Today, I’m incredibly proud and happy to read about the launch of the new jQuery Foundation, and rather than doing a quick tweet, thought I’d write down a couple words to congratulate all members of the jQuery team, and all jQuery users. I was one of the original six signers of the documents when we […]

The coverflickr

When I was refreshing my labs and updated them to fit the corporate Dextrose design (, I quickly figured that I wrote quite a few plugins in the past that still deserve a lot more attention, because they are..well… kind of awesome. In order to receive more attention, plugins like Coverflow need a kickass demo. […]

Underestimated UI techniques: Morphing

When I design new applications, I realized I use a couple patterns that I haven’t seen in much use elsewhere, so I’ll start to blog about them. The first pattern in this series is called morphing. What is morphing? Morphing essentially describes a state change on an element, transforming it into another. Many UI frameworks […]

A plugin so short it’s tweetable: Mask

I recently found the need to create a utility that helps me to mask a series of elements with a background image that spans across them, so the the picture basically gets masked by the elements selected. I couldn’t find a sweet reusable solution out there, so I went ahead and created my own little […]

The technique behind the jQuery UI demos

I’ve decided to start blogging more about the actual things I’m working on everyday, and in this series, I want to first talk about the updated and improved demos of jQuery UI. The first important thing to understand is that the demos that come with the development package, and that you can browse from the […]

The Library Detector

I’m happy to announce my first Firefox extension called Library Detector. Similar to a greasemonkey script I published to the jQuery mailing lists a couple months ago that showed if jQuery is running (which proved to be pretty useful to extend the Sites using jQuery page), the library detector is able to detect multiple libraries, […]

Taking Usability to another level

So I love that my main interest is finally a hot topic, and recently, Aza Raskin continued doing a great job evangelizing Usability in web and application design, making it more popular than ever. However, our efforts to usability are still limited to one single angle: The actual end user experience. While this is unquestionably […]

Possible jQuery (UI) promotion tour in Japan

After the great success of my trip to Tokyo in May (thanks to my friend Yusuke!), I have been thinking a lot of how to better promote jQuery and jQuery UI over there. Usually, american products have a hard time in Japan because of the language barrier, and the easiest way to overcome this is […]

How library developers help defining standards

For the last couple of months, many people have been frightened that the Browser Wars are beginning to happen once again. It’s easy to come to such a conclusion if you see all these new standards in today’s browsers: Even only in CSS, Mozilla added a “-moz” scope for new CSS syntax, Webkit a “-webkit” […]