Getting productive with Sublime Text 2

I’ve been supercharging my development workflow in the last couple of days, and quite a few of you have asked me on Twitter to write a summary on my choices. Most of it centers around the excellent Sublime Text 2 text editor. Sublime is highly extensible through a Python-based plugin API, and by itself is […]

On creating great products

People who know me are aware that I have been, and still am a long time supporter of the open web stack, and I have talked a dozen times about how HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is the only way to produce apps, sites and games that run cross-platform, accessible to the widest audience possible. Now […]

The issue with progressive enhancement

If you have been following my latest tweets, you’ll notice this is simply the execution of a longer explanation why I think concepts such as progressive enhancement are often very problematic. In the style of a ppk rant, and with the fear of making people angry, disappointed, mad, excited or unbelievably happy, here it goes. […]

Unleashing your power with music

In one of my productivity articles I wrote about how music can help you gain and maintain productivity. Today, I’ll tell you about a special method how to find the right tunes. First of all, forget about the crap clear your mind about what you know and learned about productivity music or sounds. Things like […]

If Walt Disney was running a web business

I’ve long wanted to write about the little known Disney method, also called Walt Disney strategy, as information about it on the web is very sparse. Walt Disney was not only known as great entrepreneur, but also as an individual who could switch easily between many different roles . Quoted from Wikipedia, he was “film […]

‘How to change the world’ series: Dedication

A couple weeks ago, I started with my the first entry in this series. If you missed it, read it first to learn more about what this is all about and the first keyword, motivation. Directly followed by motivation comes dedication! Dedication When you are motivated, you start working on something. But to actually finish […]

The problem with Twitter

Twitter is wonderful, since it allows us to post all these tiny bits of information that can be expressed in less than 140 characters. Blog posts are usually considered if you have a lengthy topic to blog about, and you want to provide real value and detail. But what about everything inbetween? What happens with […]

‘How to change the world’ series: Motivation

So I decided to blog more, since one fundamental ability that was failing for me was partially communication the last couple of years (other topic in this series btw!). Along that, I decided it’d be more interesting if I write about everything that’s important to me, even if that means some entries will be non […]

The usability series: Responsiveness

Usability is something I consider a major part of my professional life. I even tend to think of it as the key to any good website or application. If it’s unusable, it doesn’t help if it can spit out flying dragons. That’s why rather than doing one summary post on the fundamentals, I decided to […]