Welcome to my laboratory, a place beyond imagination. Proof of concepts, working prototypes and stable plugins all can be found here – if you dig deep enough!
  • Mashup experiments

    • CSS Parallax (2010)

      This demo shows how to use pure CSS Animations to create stunning parallax scrolling effects. It’s additionally spiced up with some basic sprite animations.

    • Coverflickr (2010)

      Coverflickr is a mashup of the coverflow and slider components, CSS Transforms, CSS Transitions, and of course, Flickr. It is dedicated to the Webkit project for making something like this possible.

    • Uberplayer (2009)

      The Uberplayer is an alternative interface for Youtube, entirely Server- and Flashless (except the video itself, duh!). It uses some other experiments here, like the coverflow!

    • Texturized Isocubes (2009)

      Inspired by Zachstronaut’s Isocube experiment, this one comes with full texture support. Try to drag a texture onto the cubes, and don’t miss to press ‘n’ on your keyboard!

    • CSS based Filemanager (2007)

      Special about this layout of a filemanager is that it’s pure CSS. Try a browser that supports alternate stylesheets!

    • Comicstrip Navigation (2007)

      A pretty old demo that needs some love, but it’s cool nonetheless. Navigate using the arrows or dock!

    • Google Music (2007)

      If Google ever did music search. Obviously it’s not actually searching, the demo is only showing the input of notes.

  • Widgets

    • Carousel (2008)

      The carousel widget takes a bunch of images and transforms them into a highly interactive fake-3D carousel. It can be heavily customized and controlled by mouse.

    • 3D Carousel (2009)

      A basic 3D implementation of the UI carousel, using nothing but CSS.

    • Coverflow (2008)

      Coverflow widget known from iTunes. It uses CSS Transforms in supported browsers, and advanced matrix filters in Internet Explorer.

    • Magnifier (2007)

      Once already part of jQuery UI, the magnifier was removed for maintenance and support reasons. This is the heavily refactored incarnation.

  • Utilities

    • Showthrough (2009)

      Showthrough or Mask is a plugin that can be twittered – it can be minified to less than 140 characters. And it’s actually useful: It blends through any background for a number of elements.