Flying monster spaghettiA recipe from the heavens.

Picture of sphagetti

You'll need:

  • Mountain pasta
  • Moon tomato
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Katana
  • Asian palm civet
  • Harry Belafonte

Only recently discovered, this recipe is great for pastafarians and non-pastafarians alike and is all about the quality of the ingredients and their preparation.

It might take a few attempts to get right, but you'll be the star of every dinner party. While relatively rare, do make sure to ask if your guests are allergic to Harry Belafonte.

Experience level: Level 11 Pastapolentawizard of Doom

    • Collect semi-ripe pasta from a legendary mountain pasta tree.
    • Find the fountain of youth Heat up said fountain.
    • Cook pasta carefully for three days, until fountain of youth is depleted.
    • Pick a tomato harvested on the third moon of the month.
    • Balance it on your head while humming the Avengers theme song for roughly 20 minutes.
    • When the tomato is asleep, violently slice it with your best Katana.
    • Find an Asian palm civet.
    • Feed said civet your tomato dices, then wait until day after.
    • Collect defecated tomato sauce.
    • Find Harry Belafonte.
    • Put pasta and sauce in oversized cocktail shaker.
    • Convince Harry to shake shaker for half an hour while singing Jump in the Line.
    • For even better taste, replace Harry Belafonte with KC and the Sunshine Band.