3D CSS Transforms on the iPhone

So I wasn’t content with the things I’ve tried doing in Safari, and recently began digging through the documentation of the iPhone SDK and the actual CSS Transforms spec. I was a bit skeptical when I first read about all the cool functions that work in Webkit iPhone, but nowhere else, because there was little […]

CSS Transforms for Firefox

After my first teaser image, quite a few wondered why I’d bring out a version featuring CSS Transforms for Internet Explorer out instead. The reason why I now completely discontinued the CSS Transforms work for Firefox is that CSS Transforms are being shipped most likely along with the 3.1 release. However, I think the two […]

Bringing CSS Transforms to Internet Explorer

Extending the teaser So I hope I got you a bit excited with my little teaser, and yes, the second tab was opened on purpose to give you a hint. Indeed, I was talking about CSS transforms, and yes, I was talking about somehow successfully porting them to Firefox. I won’t go into details of […]

Coverflow, anyone?

UPDATE (May 2014): Realized this post is still getting lots of attention. For an updated version of this plugin, even though still a bit old, check out the Coverflickr! The inspiration So I was looking at all the nice things the WebKit folks did, and one particular feature really got his way into my thoughts, […]