A UX pattern: Reusable hints with jQuery

Update (1): The CSS source had wrong formatted comments and the markup was using class instead of id, please update your sample code when you grabbed it earlier! Update (2): Please find a working demo here: Hints demo When building nifty UI solutions, always keep in mind that in order to make your target audience […]

A plugin so short it’s tweetable: Mask

I recently found the need to create a utility that helps me to mask a series of elements with a background image that spans across them, so the the picture basically gets masked by the elements selected. I couldn’t find a sweet reusable solution out there, so I went ahead and created my own little […]

The Library Detector

I’m happy to announce my first Firefox extension called Library Detector. Similar to a greasemonkey script I published to the jQuery mailing lists a couple months ago that showed if jQuery is running (which proved to be pretty useful to extend the Sites using jQuery page), the library detector is able to detect multiple libraries, […]