Meet the Uberplayer.

Finally I can present you one of my newer interface experiments that has grown to something quite nice in the meantime. With the transition from small movieclips to longer and bigger full length flicks, sites like Youtube still don’t really get the idea that the movie player has to give the user space, feel a […]

The Library Detector

I’m happy to announce my first Firefox extension called Library Detector. Similar to a greasemonkey script I published to the jQuery mailing lists a couple months ago that showed if jQuery is running (which proved to be pretty useful to extend the Sites using jQuery page), the library detector is able to detect multiple libraries, […]

Bringing CSS Transforms to Internet Explorer

Extending the teaser So I hope I got you a bit excited with my little teaser, and yes, the second tab was opened on purpose to give you a hint. Indeed, I was talking about CSS transforms, and yes, I was talking about somehow successfully porting them to Firefox. I won’t go into details of […]

Coverflow, anyone?

UPDATE (May 2014): Realized this post is still getting lots of attention. For an updated version of this plugin, even though still a bit old, check out the Coverflickr! The inspiration So I was looking at all the nice things the WebKit folks did, and one particular feature really got his way into my thoughts, […]