A UX pattern: Reusable hints with jQuery

Update (1): The CSS source had wrong formatted comments and the markup was using class instead of id, please update your sample code when you grabbed it earlier! Update (2): Please find a working demo here: Hints demo When building nifty UI solutions, always keep in mind that in order to make your target audience […]

The usability series: Responsiveness

Usability is something I consider a major part of my professional life. I even tend to think of it as the key to any good website or application. If it’s unusable, it doesn’t help if it can spit out flying dragons. That’s why rather than doing one summary post on the fundamentals, I decided to […]

Taking Usability to another level

So I love that my main interest is finally a hot topic, and recently, Aza Raskin continued doing a great job evangelizing Usability in web and application design, making it more popular than ever. However, our efforts to usability are still limited to one single angle: The actual end user experience. While this is unquestionably […]