Oh why hello there, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Paul Bakaus, I live in San Francisco with my family and I love building stuff that makes people happy and/or productive. To date, I’ve dedicated most of my professional career to improving the web, and out of all my creations to date, jQuery UI and the Aves Engine are perhaps the widest known.

Professionally, I am currently working at Google – heading up the Web Content Experience team, doing cool stuff with AMP and the WordPress world.

Personally, I love plenty of Japanese things (espcially pop culture related), read lots of comics, enjoy Console RPGs and Jump n’ Runs (and their music!), am really into food and love to explore the world.

Before you drift off, time for a boring disclaimer: The views stated on this blog are purely personal and represent my own, and not those of my employer.

Want to get in touch? Send me a mail to paul@paulbakaus.com!