Influencer businesses stake their success on their personal brand – that’s a big risk

I once wondered out loud why famous musicians are almost expected to burn out and overdose at some point in their careers, and other types of celebrities less so. I forgot who my partner was in that conversation, but they responded that it’s much harder to be a musician than to be an actor, because […]

How to extract gifs, images & more from Google Slides decks

If you’re like me, you faced this problem a thousand times: You browse through a Google slide deck, find an animated GIF or image that you want to save and put into another document, deck or resource, but there is no apparent way to do this. Is this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t need to wait for Web3 to put creators in control of their destiny

Rex Woodbury publishes a great newsletter on Substack called Digital Native, and in his summary this week, he writes: While Web2 created enormous value, value always passed through a middleman. Centralized platforms—Facebook, Uber, Twitter, YouTube—control the data and make the rules. Web3 is about ownership. It’s about the direct connection between creators and consumers, obfuscating the […]

New podcast ep discussing the content web & creator economy

Yours truly was recently invited as guest to the JS Party podcast to talk about…not JS! If you’ve been wondering about where the the part of the web is going that is “content”, why it’s so critical to invest in it & the web creator landscape, and what Google is doing about it, I think […]

Getting my blog ready for Core Web Vitals & Page Experience

I’m a big fan of Core Web Vitals, and the cumulative set of criteria that Google calls “Page Experience”, and that is not a coincidence! In the many conversations I’ve had with AMP haters skeptics, most have asked “why we can’t just measure whether something is fast & user friendly” when talking about why only […]

Google’s first Web Creator Advocate

I have some pretty big news. I, and thus, Google is hiring its first ever Creator Advocate. Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking “but wait, doesn’t Google already have plenty over at YouTube?” and indeed, YouTube has a set of amazing teams supporting creators on their platform. But I’m talking Google, not YouTube: And what […]

The three freedoms of the web

What makes a piece of content, or sub-platform truly open, and part of the open web’s content corpus? This turns out to be a deceivingly hard problem, because everyone I ask replies with a different angle of openness they care about. Over the years, smart folks like Tantek Çelik, Steven Pemberton and Brad Neuberg answered […]

Maybe everything is changing, all the time

Remy recently posted an interesting, thought-provoking read on framework fatigue and how we’re making the web more complex ourselves: If you didn’t gather off the bat from the title, the problem with developing front end projects isn’t that it’s harder or more complicated, it’s that you made it harder and more complicated. You have the power of […]

Helping the Web find its product-market fit

The web is struggling to find product, or platform-market fit in today’s mobile consumer world. Here’s how we can fix it.

Job opportunity: Google Web Creators…needs you!

TL;DR: If you’re a prolific content creator on the web (and in the US), and if you want to help others achieve the same, there’s a new unique part-time job opportunity for you. Web Creators..who? If you’ve been following my work, you might have noticed that I’ve taken all my collected skills and knowledge around […]