If you're a content creator or brand on social media, do this one thing today (and if you work with creators, forward this): Ask 10 regular visitors why they're following you.

Deceptively basic, right?

Let's analyze:

Most creators or social media channels don't actually know why people are following them. And if they don't know what their fans want, they can never unlock their full monetization and scale potential (e.g. the 1000 true fans strategy, monetizing your fans and generating passive income).

Consider a travel vlogger on TikTok. Is it the exotic destinations? Their funny personality? Their travel gear recommendations? Their style? Most creators wait passively for direction in the comments, but rarely simply...ask.

But when you start speaking about the importance of doing analysis and surveys, it sounds very overwhelming. Give yourself/them permission to start small:

Don't know who your fans are? No problem, find some folks that regularly comment on your posts.

Survey software is daunting? Keep the list so small (10!) that you can simply send them DMs. Problem solved.

Overthinking statistical significance? Start small. Get early signals. Then scale.

Start small. Iterate. Figure out what works. And when you know who your fans are, what they want, and why they're following you, unlock your full creator potential through rapid experimentation with the hundreds of Koji add-ons.

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