Creators are often taught that they have to be consistent - and the way they interpret that is that they have to consistently publish content.

That's generally great advice, but it's incomplete! Consistency is needed in other areas too:

Consistent communication.

It's critical to stay on top of your various inboxes and scan them for important communications (high value fans, brands, collab proposals, etc.). So many creators I've talked to have missed a critical deal because they didn't check their email, glanced over too quickly, or misconfigured their folders.

Consistent promotion of content.

Too many creators stop at publishing the content, but then fail to promote it across all their promotional channels (Instagram, TikTok, mailing lists, etc.).

Consistent promotion of services/extras/goods.

If you're selling something to your fans, you have to tell them about it. Regardless of whether you sell merch, digital goods, or subscriptions on platforms like Koji, Gumroad or Patreon, not telling your audiences that you're offering these extra services and goods is a great way to make sure that nobody finds them. Tragically few creators take this step seriously.

There are many more areas that require consistency, but these are some of the most prominent that drive creator success. What are others I should have mentioned?

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