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I’m excited to announce that as of today, I’m Koji‘s new Head of Creators. At Koji, I’ll be leading (and building) a creator success team that includes the sub-pillars of community, marketing, partnerships, business development, DevRel and more. Together with co-founders Sean and Dmitry, I’ll also be driving Koji’s product strategy going forward.

Koji has a lot of great things going for them (incredible execution speed, powerful tech, etc.), but the reason I ultimately got on board is the sheer raw potential of their vision. It’s a link-in-bio startup on the surface, but if you roll back the curtain, there’s a powerful mini app platform supporting creators, developers and creator startups. And it’s that platform, and the promise of having it power the next generation of creator economy startups, that truly excites me.

If we do things right, Koji can become the “Intel inside” of the creator economy. Instead of locking a creator into a closed app or ecosystem, and instead of competing with all the other website builders, Koji’s dream is to power the entire creator economy. What that means, depending on who you are:

  • Creators can think of Koji as their trusted wallet or toolkit. As a creator, you can use your Koji profile to access an open and growing ecosystem of powerful mini apps through an App Store that allows you to sell digital goods, NFTs or video shoutouts, engage with your fans, spotlight content you’ve created elsewhere and much more. But best of all, your Koji will follow and grow with you, even if you decide to switch to another website or community builder. Want to upgrade from a link-in-bio to full-on WordPress site? Go for it.
  • Creator economy startups can seamlessly integrate the Koji app store into their own offering. If you’re a creator-focused startup, that gives your users instant access to a ton of functionality, but more importantly, allows you to focus on your unique selling proposition – whether that’s brand deals, community building or something else.

Like with any startup, there are a thousand things to do next. The above is the vision, but we’re not fully there yet. So as a first step, I’ll be going on a hiring spree across all of the above categories (partnerships/ community/marketing/DevRel), plus helping Sean grow his engineering org. We’re still working on getting a job page up, but don’t let that stop you from getting in touch. Let’s do this.


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  1. String 🍗 said
    : It’s cool you can mint an NFT from your socials. But it’s kinda misleading to say you can mint from ig, when it’s just a link
  2. Paul Bakaus said
    : a) I would take Dmitry up on his offer as it’s a fun demo :) but also.. b) you are of course technically correct, String. Where did you read that specific phrasing?
  3. String 🍗 said
    : Congrats on the new role @pbakaus I went down the rabbit hole of koji
  4. Paul Bakaus said
    : nice, and thanks! as you can probably guess, I too (went down the rabbit role) 😅